Dr. Woo's Twisted Clone Shop


Hi, we’re PF Games, a group of people with varying heights and weights that got together to make kick-ass games. After months of R & D, coming up with ideas like Unicorn Hunter, Scab Picker, and several other wiener and fart-related apps, our investors decided to push forward with Dr. Woo’s Twisted Clone Shop. Have you ever played a cloning game before? Probably not. Does it sound like a lot of fun? Probably does. We are currently working away on our next big game. Hint: The new game might involve skinless unicorns...maybe not. Until then keep checking back for more news, Dr. Woo updates and some occasional blue humor (yes, that means wiener and fart jokes).

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The Rules We Play By

When we started this company we had two rules. One, never eat another team member’s sandwich. Two, make great games. We made Dr. Woo’s Twisted Clone Shop, because honestly, we thought it was an awesome story and gameplay to bring into the world and share with our friends. But seriously, never eat another coworker’s sandwich.


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